If Injuries not bothered India Surely defend Champions Trophy – says Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev Former Indian Cricket team captain
Kapil Dev Former Indian Cricket team captain

Kapil Dev Former Indian Cricket Team captain Believe that if not much injuries in the men in blue squad then team surely defend their champions trophy which starts from the 1st June 2017.

The former India skipper don’t point out ther current form of virat kohli as they are not performing well in the indian premier league but Kohli is players who can comeback any time so this champions trophy he surely put their best.


Kapil Dev added “Even in Tests, people used to say if Virat does not score, India wouldn’t win. Everybody is important, unfair to bring down other players. Does not matter if an individual is in form or not.”

“(It is) impossible to have another Kapil Dev. But there will be better Kapils, 100s more. (Ravichandran) Ashwin is an all-rounder. (Ravindra) Jadeja and (MS) Dhoni too are fab all-rounders. Anyone with more than one skill is a good all-rounder. I wish a fast bowler and batsman come out but this Indian team has enough players,” he said.

“I think the way India is playing they should be able to defend (the Champions Trophy title). Should not have any major injuries. Good part is that they won the last time,” the former all-rounder said.

As per Champions Trophy Fixtures Team India to Face Pakistan on 4th June, Against Sri Lanka on 8 June and Against South Africa on 11th June in the Group Stage game. Before this Main Events team also to face Two warm up game against New Zealand and Bangladesh.